Smartphones Oppo will surprise fans of high performance

In early June, 2018, Huawei unveiled the GPU Turbo technology enhance the performance of smartphones by 60%. Acceleration of work at the operating system level was a good idea, and it was adopted by other developers. One of them was the Chinese company Oppo presented a similar technology called Hyper Boost. It turned out that it has its own distinctive properties.

The company describes the new product as a “full-blown scenario of increasing performance at the system level”. The technology allocates resources to the device depending on the type of task. The company has divided them into three categories: system, games and applications.

In creating the powerful operation participated Mediatek and Qualcomm, whose chipsets are used in many smartphones Oppo. The company says that thanks to the joint efforts they have made 31.9 percent of the acceleration of launching applications.

Unlike Huawei, Oppo did not tell, how many percent increases the performance of games. She collaborated with the developers of game engines, Unreal, Unity and Cocos, so Hyper Boost can support a lot more games than the GPU Turbo. Recall that at the time of the announcement technology Huawei supported only two games: PUBG, and the Honor of Kings.

The acceleration mode will also work in applications: the declared support WeChat, Mobile QQ and Mobile Taobao. Will be included in the list of compatible applications, international messengers is still unknown.

When this mode is enabled Hyper Boost games and applications will support seamless communication with the Internet. It is known that communication technology will distribute the traffic between the mobile network and Wi-Fi connection.

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