Now I understand why Pixel 3 XL turned out so ugly

On 9 October, Google presented novelties, among which much attention was paid to new smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The main focus during the presentation was placed on the camera. The company has omitted the demonstration of hardware design, assuming that it is in the case of Pixel the consumer will not be important, but it is not. People are still in disbelief from the fringe at the Pixel 3 XL. And if until now the situation is not fully clear, today everything fell into place. In this article we will explain why Pixel 3 XL turned out so ugly.

All past times development Nexus and Pixel devices was a third-party company, among which all known Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC. Last year Pixel 2 designed and manufactured by HTC, and the development and production of 2 XL has been the company LG.

This year, Google believed in themselves and decided to refuse the help of third-party companies. Google engineers — namely, the Pixel team is engaged in designing machinery, while the production has been entrusted to Foxconn. By the way, the party of 3 XL smartphones, which were sold to Ukrainian and Russian bloggers have been stolen, according to colleagues from androidheadlines, Foxconn.

For this reason, Pixel 3 XL got so ridiculous the cut-out in the display, which is not recognized designers even HTC. The situation looks strange because previously, Google bought a division of HTC, which focused on smartphones Pixel, so it is logical to assume that the development will exactly designers HTC, but something did not grow together.

According to rumors, Google will charge bought the HTC team of developers and designers design to the Pixel 4.

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According to the materials of androidheadlines