Main features of Pixel 3. Version Of Google

Earlier in the week Google announced a new generation of the line Pixel. Smartphones are still two, so the rumors about the release of the mini version of the flagship was false. Of these, more attention was drawn to the Pixel 3 XL — technology enthusiasts is not rated too high the notch at the top of the display. If necessary, you can hide it, however, from criticism of the designers is not saved. Representatives of the company decided to reduce the degree and focused on the strengths of the model.

Google has listed the advantages in the format of video, according to Android Community. First, the authors showed the peculiarities of the design, which practically does not differ from last year’s models. The emphasis is on the striking side buttons.

The first feature is the camera. Using it and Google Lens users can quickly find desired products and then to buy them. Then the focus turned out to be software functions. For example, Top Shot allows you to select the best shot and get rid of the images with closed eyes or other defects.

Photobooth automatically determines the characteristics of facial expressions and posed pictures at the right time. You can show the language, lighten up or suddenly to get into someone’s frame- the smartphone will see everything. Without attention did not remain wide selfie which will fit all friends. Fun will also help augmented reality.

The authors of the movie showed the functionality of the Call Screen and wireless charging. But if the notification becomes too much, enough to put the phone on a surface face down.

The staff, however, comments under the video of the same type. Most of the audience did not appreciate the size of the recess in the top of the display. Some commentators have recommended Google to use the space for embedding a 3.5 mm headphone output. Another author said that if you want could land a plane inside the “chin”.

Is it fair criticism? Did the new Pixel 3 you? Please share your answers in the comments or Telegram chat AndroidInsider.