Styling a Coffee Table to Make Your Living Room Vibrant

The coffee table is a centerpiece of every conventional and casual living space, so why not display it as a center point?

Coffee tables functional in homes: from a landing for drinks, feet or remote television to a place where significant ornament pieces are displayed. Some may think it as a difficult task when it comes to styling a coffee table but with the right decorations, it is an excellent way to add attraction to a space. We have listed some tips and basic methods on how to make a sensible decorative design for coffee tables of all types.


The rule  has been a guideline for the implementation of the design for a long time. It is a principle of design that affects every space in your home. It dictates object layout, size and shape, a kitchen’s work triangle, also the color, pattern and fabric designs of your space.The human brain enjoys puzzling things together quickly and can always find the focal point and balance with three.

Begin with three really different objects and try various arrangements, searching a balance that looks perfect for your coffee table.


Arranging pieces together is additional way of creating balance, depending on the size and style of a coffee table. Symmetry works great as a method of attaining balance when using two tables, a glass table with two-tiered table, or square table.


The use of objects with different heights keeps the eye moving and creates more aesthetic. The eyes should be moving from one piece to another in well designed, never get trapped on one level.


A way of creating attention is to display a combination of shapes on a coffee table. Look for items as simple as a decorative square box and rectangular book with a circular candle. Either it’s an extravagantly purchased item on a travel or an old family antique, a great way to display these treasured pieces than in the center of the room where they gets the attention they worth. Besides, extraordinary things always serve as wonderful starting points for conversation.

Do you have any questions regarding styling your coffee table? Contact us! We would be pleased to answer any of your questions regarding the design.